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09-02-2015 - | Conférence : Health outcomes research in an era of cost containment

"Health outcomes research in an era of cost containment"
Une conférence organisée par le Pr Philippe Ravaud et le CRESS


12 mars 2015 | 8h30-17h

Amphithéâtre Farabeuf 
Campus des Cordeliers 
15 rue de l'Ecole de médecine 
75006 Paris



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Innovative, more efficient trial design

  • N of 1 trials (Sunita Vohra, University of Alberta)
  • Direct to patient trials (Steve Cummings, University of California, San Francisco)
  • Public led online trials (Amy Price, University of Oxford)

Simplifying trials or improving observational studies accuracy

  • Changing Trial Metrics - The role of data management (Eric Eisenstein, Duke University)
  • Improving trial monitoring to reduce the costs (Tomasz Burzykowski, International Drug Development Institute and Hasselt University)
  • Analytic techniques to improve accuracy of observational studies (Jason Wright, Columbia University)

Blurring lines: Using observational studies to improve recruitment in RCTs

  • Registry-based RCTs - a disruptive technology (Ole Frobert, University Hospital, Sweden)
  • A new trial design to speed RCTs: the I-SPY 2 trial (Donald Berry, MD Anderson Cancer)
  • Strategies to improve recruitment in RCTs (Jonathan Craig, Sydney University)

Better reporting and data sharing for better trial return on investment

  • Waste in research due to poor reporting and lack of posting of results (TBD)
  • Interventions to improve the quality of reporting and posting of results (Isabelle Boutron, University of Paris Descartes)
  • Sharing clinical trial data on patient level (Franz Koenig, Medical University of Vienna)

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